Aaron Moreno Ayala

Red Right Hand

2019 / Custom Instrument & Performance

A glove that re-imagines the possibilities of vocal performance, not by precise positioning but rather energic motion of the performer. The more pressure of a clenched fist, the more movement of an exited performer, the bigger sound wall build from the voice. This instrument is capable of real time voice doubling, at intervals defined by hand gestures, making voice counterpoint on the spot. Also, tonal quality change and other effects are also available.

On the visual department a camera mounted on the microphone. It points at the mouth, complementing pre-recorded clips of other face features. Those are syncronized to the musica arrangement in rhythtmic patterns. The whole video feed is distorted when the glove has more energy from the performer.

Toolkit: Arduino, MAX MSP & Jitter, Ableton Live.