Aaron Moreno Ayala

I was here before

2020 / Virtual Reality

This project is the construction of a virtual reality musical experience, that correlates the intricacies of sound with space. Inside this place a listener can experience music in a non-linear way, altering the spectral quality of certain elements in the music with direct impact on the space. The poetic layer of this project is informed by an analogy between cycles of complexity and collapse in human history as being similar to cycles of love and heartbreak in life. Heated debate over taxation and land ownership laws could be placed either in the Roman Senate or in any modern democracy, even debate over sexuality and identity is relevant as it was during the Weimar Republic in Germany. A series of 3D scans that resemble the sculptural quality of antiquity are the basis of this parallel, as well as the spatial material for sonic transformations.

Toolkit: C#, Unity, Oculus Rift, 3D Scanning, Blender, Ableton Live.