Aaron Moreno Ayala

I am in control

2018 / Custom Instrument & Interactive Composition
Collaboration with Huiyi Chen

A sound installation and an innovative music instrument played by wind and a kite winder.

This piece is an exploration about the axiety rooted in the desire for control. The interdependent rivalry relationship between wind and the kite flyer is a beautiful resembling to the relationship between ourselves and the invisible power around us. Kites fly when wind and string work together, and we as human are always shaped both by our own will and external power. In both cases, we have to let go part of the control to not lose it completely. I Am in Control is a instrument to be co-played by Huiyi and wind, and a performance that tells a story about control and letting go control.

Design of the instrument
The instrument is composed of a kite, a kite winder connected to the kite, and two fans. A rotary encoder on the kite winder triggers audio parts of an audio arrangement every time the performer pulls in or let out the kite string. Meanwhile, two fans create wind around the kite, allowing it to fly. It also triggers a granular synthesizer that chops and filters the audio sample according to the speed of the fan. The stronger the wind blows and the harsher Huiyi pulls the kite string, the more chaotic the music becomes.

2018 NIME ITP Show

Toolkit: MAX MSP, Ableton Live, Arduino IDE, Teensy 3.2.