Aaron Moreno Ayala

Flickers of light in dark times

2019 / Interactive Quadraphonic Performance

In this performance, a live dancer confronts a virtual space that tries to drown her in darkness. Using both reactive and scripted elements, the piece develops as a choreography between a physical dancer, her virtual representation and the space that surounds her.

The piece plays with notions of the visible and invisible structures that surrounds us in urban life. The fully motion tracked dancer navigates the spaces in between the audiences, vexing from completely ignoring them, and acknowledging their presence as a source of strength. The audience takes an active role as they offer her support through motion tracked wisps that rattle and sprout lights in the darkness.

Each of the building blocks of the wall has a corresponding sound, increasing in intensity and texture as it grows tall, forming dense chord, or rather a literal wall of sound. The dancer movement bends the wall accoring to the strenght of the movement, as the sound reflects the energy put into each of the swings against the wall.

Flickers of Light in Dark Times creates an interactive live experience, where the audience is inside the piece and performance. It achieves this through movement, projection of interactive 3D graphics and 4-channel audio.

In collaboration with Louise Lessel , Man-Ping Wu , Nancy Chiu and Chester Ma.
Choreography by Katie Brady.
Photos by Jude Zhu and Chester Ma.
Bodies in motion 2019, December 14, 2019 New York University, New York.

Toolkit: Unreal Editor 4, OptiTrack Motive system (240 fps), MadMapper, MAX MSP, Ableton Live, UDP Network Protocol.