Aaron Moreno Ayala

Ceso la horrible noche

Ricardo Restrepo / Pathos Audiovisual

For more than 65 years Roberto Restrepo’s film stock (1897-1956) was sentenced to oblivion.Today, his grandchild discovers the material and finds, through his images and diaries, a Country full of surprises and uncertainties. The documentary gets the past alive through the film archive, pointing out the contemporary contents and by this, inviting spectators from today and tomorrow to a deep reflection upon our destiny as society

International Awards & Festivals
Best Short Film - Bogoshorts 2014
Nominated to Best TV Documentray - Premios India Catalina 2015
Exhibited at film festivals in Berlin, Havana, New York, Cartagena, Ecuador, Paris, Barcelona, London, Argentina and Brasil.

Role in the team:

Composer of experimental music, re-imagining the Colombian national anthem in a version that better reflects the social tensions of our reality

Aaron Moreno - Guitar, percusion, programming, mixing Michele Camargo - Clarinet

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